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Empathy Map Template

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Empathy Map Template

Purple Sector
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Struggling to get started with design thinking in your organization?

Let's not make things too fussy, this template just gives you want you need to get started right away!

This is our lightweight and simple empathy map template to get you started with aligning your team around customer needs.

Getting started:

  • Place a sticky note for the person (customer, stakeholder, user, etc.) in the centre of the template
  • Guide the session by simply following the prompts in the four quadrants
  • Try this in a small group to get your feet wet if you're new to empathy maps or design thinking
  • Don't get too hung up on finding the "right" quadrant right away — capture the insights and get the conversation going!

Tips for opening the board in Miro:

  • The easiest way is to access the board is using the link to the Empathy Map on the Miroverse!
  • Paid Miro accounts can directly import the board backup file. Check out the support page on Restoring a Board from a Backup on Miro
  • Free accounts will need to access the link provided and duplicate it to their account. To do so, click the link, when the board is loaded click the title of the board. That brings up a pop-up window with a Duplicate button. Click that to make a copy to your account. This page has more details.
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You'll get an Miro board backup file you can add to your Miro account! For free Miro account holders, a link to the board you'll be able to duplicate is included.

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